AG Auditor-General
ANA Annual National Assessments
ANC African National Congress
ANOVA Analysis of Variance
ATP Annual Teaching Plan
CAPS Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statements
CES Chief Education Specialist
CM Circuit Manager
CMC Circuit Manager Cluster
CT Curriculum Tools
DBE Department of Basic Education
DET Department of Education and Training
DoE Department of Education
FET Further Education and Training
FFLC Foundations for Learning Campaign
FP Foundation Phase
GET General Education and Training
GGR Group Guided Reading
HoD Head of Department
KZN KwaZulu-Natal
KZNDoE KZN Department of Education
LP Lesson Plan
LTSM Learner Teacher Support Material
MCP Mathematics Challenge Programme
MLA Monitoring Learner Achievement
MRR Monitor, Report and Respond
NCS National Curriculum Statement
NECT National Education Collaboration Trust
NEEDU National Education Evaluation and Development Unit
NGO Non-Governmental Organisation
NICD National Institute for Curriculum Development
NSC National Senior Certificate
NSE National Systemic Evaluation
OBE Outcomes-Based Education
PAM Personnel Administrative Measures
PCK Pedagogical Content Knowledge
PD Professional Development
PILO Programme to Improve Learning Outcomes
PPN Post Provisioning Norm
Q Quintile
RNCS Revised National Curriculum Statement
SA Subject Advisor
SACMEQ Southern and East African Consortium for Monitoring Educational Quality
Saide South African Institute for Distance Education
SA-SAMS South African School Administration and Management System
SES Senior Education Specialist
SMT School Management Team
T&L Teaching and Learning
TIMSS Trends in Mathematics and Science Study
TLS Teaching and Learning Support
ToC Theory of Change