A design based research process used to plan the HELM University Lecturer Development Programme


The Higher Education Leadership and Management Programme (HELM) appointed Saide as Programme Coordinator to manage the Inception Phase of the University Lecturer Development Programme (ULDP).

The ULDP project purpose is to:

  • Improve teaching and learning across the whole university sector
  • Enhance academic knowledge and competencies of teaching and teacher support staff members
  • Support the development of professional skills and attitudes in research and community engagement
  • Provide opportunities for higher education institutional collaboration and co-operation.

Saide, in collaboration with the core project team comprising a number of high level university staff members from academic development, teaching and learning and curriculum development units across 18 universities, participated in a series of workshops aimed at securing agreement on a set of key competences and curriculum content for the proposed development of the ULDP. A Designed Based Research (DBR) approach was used as it allowed for a number of iterative engagements leading not only to agreement on the ULDP Curriculum, but also to the development of the project design principles. Commencing in April and ending in July 2022, the Inception Phase was concluded the delivery of a curriculum framework underpinned by the agreed learning design approach to be implemented in the development of the University Lecturer Development Programme courses that are to be designed and developed in the next phase of the programme. The final phase of the programme will be the implementation of these courses which will initially be offered to approximate 900 new academics nationally.

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