Saide facilitates a process with 15 universities to design the curriculum framework for the planned HELM University Lecture Development Programme.

Approximately 12 expert members from teaching and learning and academic support units and 25 master trainers, typically, also from university teaching and learning units across 15 universities, participated in a process led by Saide to design the curriculum framework for the new University Lecturers Development Programme (ULDP).

Saide designed and facilitated a series of nine online workshops to determine the key competencies of the ULDP and to secure agreement on the learning design and the pedagogic approach of the planned programme.

At the end of the process, in July 2022, many of the participants commented on how stimulating they had found the process and the online engagement. Participants also expressed great pleasure in working collaboratively across the universities that were represented in this process.

Read more about the ULDP curriculum design process in the upcoming Saide newsletter.